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Expert Advanced Technologies (EAT) specializes in the design, development, and installation of access floor (raised floor systems). Access flooring is a combination of square (600mm x 600mm) panels raised off of the subfloor by support posts (pedestals). Typical use can be found in offices, computer labs, equipment rooms, data centers, classrooms, loan centers, banks, and other specialty applications.

The advantages of ACCESS FLOOR SYSTEM :-

•  100% inter changeable PANELS

•  Light weight for ease of handling

•  Excellent grounding and electrical continuity

•  Completely non-combustible

•  Excellent load bearing capabilities for various loading requirements

•  Easy and fast approach to concealed wires, cables, boxes etc

•  Fast installation and easy to service and use

•  Superior load bearing capabilities

•  High Wear Resistant

•  Excellent Anti-static Properties.

EAT offers basic floor systems: steel, concrete filled, aluminum and woodcore. Each floor system has a different loading capability. The floor systems are available with a choice of surface coverings.

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